Average Penis Size: Top Facts & Myths

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"Does size really matter?" the question has been long debated. Over the years, the size of a man's penis has come to be associated with not only the health of his sex life but also how attractive the opposite sex deems him. However, time and again, it's been argued that penis size might not be the single most important factor determining sexual satisfaction. There are a lot of other factors, much more significant than the size, that one needs to pay attention to.

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Keep reading our article to know more about facts and myths about penis size.

What is the Average Size of a Penis?: A Penis Size Myth Busted!

Knowing the average penis size might dispel the misconception that "size matters". The insecurity associated with having a supposed small penis could be linked to a common misconception that the natural penis size or the good penis size is anywhere between nine and ten inches. This is propagated through references in popular culture and even men's and women's magazines.

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Penis Size Fact: What is a Good Penis Size?

Recent studies show that the natural penis size, on average, ranges between only three and four inches. The size of an erect penis, on average, varies between five and six inches.

Thus proven that size may not be so important after all!

Less than one percent of the population suffers from a condition known as a micro penis. In this case, it might be best to seek medical attention.

Is it Possible to Enlarge Your Penis?

Every man might have once wondered if it's possible to increase penis size. It could be tempting to try one of the countless products available in the market that claims to enlarge the penis. However, it is unfortunate that the plethora of pills, oils, and lotions available in the market haven't shown clinical results.

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Alternatively, many claims that penis enlargement can be achieved through special exercises and even surgery.

Does Exercising work for Penis Size Enlargement?

As per studies, so far, stretching using a device known as the penile traction device is the only known non-surgical method proven to increase penis size. As per the study, the growth of the penis through this method was between half an inch to a couple of inches. This method can be extremely taxing since it requires up to six hours of stretching each day for several months. Moreover, the possible side-effects of this method warrant in-depth study.

Surgeries to Enhance Penis Size: Too Risky!

The main surgical methods employed to enlarge penis size include tissue grafting, fat injection, and penis implants. Mostly, surgery is often seen as a last resort and not advisable for cosmetic purposes. The risk-to-success ratio of these surgeries isn't too encouraging either. Though penis enlargement surgeries are very risky, they only slightly enhance penis size.

Is There Any Research on the Average Penis Size?

In 2015, the British Journal of Urology International published a report detailing the average penis size. The inference was based on studies conducted on over 15,000 men from around the world. The study concluded that the average size of a flaccid penis is around 3.61 inches, and that of an erect penis is about 5.61 inches.

Hence, even scientific studies support the theory that the average penis size is often overestimated, especially in popular media.

Conclusion: Does Your Partner Really Care About Penis Size?

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There is a general misconception that women prefer a larger penis since its associated with a higher pleasure quotient. However, the satisfaction gained from a sexual encounter isn't only reliant on the size and length of the penis. Other factors, such as length of foreplay, emotional connection between the partners, and physical chemistry, are all equally important.

Moreover, each woman has unique interests, and it isn't possible to generalize that all women seek the same thing. Hence, one can have a more rewarding sex life by learning more about the partner's wants and interests.