Boost Your Sex Life with L-arginine!

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Boost Your Sex Life with L-arginine

Sexual problems are real in both men and women! If you are unable to maintain an erection during sex, it may hamper your sexual experience. But remember, you are not alone in this. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem and affects millions of men, globally. This condition is shown to increase with age with about 52% of men between 40 and 70 years being affected by it.

What is L-arginine and how to obtain it?

L-arginine is an amino acid seen in dietary proteins. This amino acid helps the body to build proteins. Usually, your body can make L-arginine which is essential. If you want to get it through the diet, some of the sources are fish, red meat, soy, poultry, beans, whole grains, and dairy products.

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How does L-arginine help in penile erection?

L-arginine acts as a vasodilator. To put in simple words, it helps in relaxing the blood vessels.

So, when a person who experiences problems with penile erection takes L-arginine, it helps in relaxing the blood vessels around the penis. Relaxed blood vessels can bring in more oxygen which can finally result in an erection.

Many scientific studies suggest that L-arginine can benefit men with ED, particularly those with mild to moderate severity.1 Oral intake of L-arginine can help you have satisfactory sex, particularly in men affected by ED due to a physical cause.

What do studies on the role of L-arginine in men with ED say?

Now that you know that L-arginine can help you manage ED, let us delve into some scientific data to back this claim! Here are the results of a few studies confirming the benefit of adding L-arginine before having sex:

  • L-arginine improves penile erection, sexual satisfaction, and orgasm in men with mild to moderate ED4
  • High dose of L-arginine improves sexual function in men who have reduced production of a chemical called nitric oxide which is required for penile erections
  • When L-arginine is taken along with tadalafil, a medication for penile erection, improvement in sexual experience is observed
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Here is some good news for all the ladies out there!

If you thought L-arginine helps improve men’s sexual experience, think again! Women who take L-arginine have said that it has helped them achieve orgasm quite easily, improved sexual desire, and improved sensitivity of the genitals. So, there you go! L-arginine can help you, ladies, out there, too!

Good sexual health is extremely important for your overall health. It doesn’t matter if you are young or elderly, everyone deserves to have fun during sex. Adding L-arginine can be a fantastic remedy for your sexual problems! Before you take any products, make sure to consult your healthcare provider to know whether you are on the right path of improving your sexual health!

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