Break up letter that changed his life forever...

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Break up letter that changed his life forever...

Sanju (name changed) has been facing a strange pattern in his life since college. You won't believe us if we told you that one after the other 6 girls have dumped him in 7 years. But the 7th girl not just left him but also shook him to his bones. Komita (name changed) broke up with Sanju in 2021 and left a note. Sanju feels that note is turning point of his life and still thanks her for her gesture.

Sanju is 29 now and lives in Bangalore happily with his partner for two years and they are planning to the tie the knot soon. But, Sanju was not so happy always. Since college he was facing a strange situation and that all the girls that Sanju got into relationship left him for no reason. There was a point when Sanju thought of taking the extreme step of suicide.

Komita really loved Sanju and wanted him to be happy always. So she penned a note before leaving him. She wrote...

Dropped Letter

" Sanju, you are one of the finest guy I have ever met. You care for me, respect my opinions and always make me smile whatever the situation is......but when it comes to our intimacy and physical relationship you are very much closed to any discussion. It's not about my pleasure but poor performance in bed is taking a toll on your self confidence in life. Whether you accept it or not. Meet a sexologist whenever you can and tell him about your issues.  I am moving out as I can't take this anymore "

Sanju had no option to but to accept the feedback as it has come after so many rejections over all these years. Sanju began searching on internet and after all the research and deliberations. Booked an online consultation with Mojocare's sexologist Dr Vineet.

Dr Vineet  - Sanju was suffering from ED and PE issues like millions of men around us & was just ignoring the issue because of stigma attached with it. He got best results in 6 months of treatment. Now he is leading a normal healthy sexual life.

Its a Man Thing

Millions of men around the world face this issue but only a small percentage of the men take control of their life and get proper treatment. Sanju was one of them. He was a good patient who followed all my advice diligently and got best results.

He is special for me as he invited me to his marriage so I will never forget him - Dr Vineet

Doctor Consultation

Mojocare follows a holistic line of treatment to deliver the best results which includes consultations, prescribed medicines, over the counter wellness products and therapies. Mojocare's treatment is getting a lot of acceptance as the results are phenomenal and time bound.

Top sexologists in India have started referring to the same treatment to their patients and followers like Dr Neha Mehta of Delhi NCR. She is a brilliant doctor who totally approves the holistic line of treatment for sexual wellness.  

Sanju and Komita finally got married and are now helping other couples to solve their intimacy issues. Komita gave the requisite push which Sanju needed. After 3 months of the treatment he reached back to Komita and told her about the treatment he was taking from Mojocare. She researched about the company and the treatment, spoke to the doctor herself and then only accepted it.

Sanju is lucky to have someone like Komita in his life to help him get out of his comfort zone and solve his problems. But most of the time, Komita's goes silently.