Breastfeeding: How Do You Continue Once Maternity Leave Ends?

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Breastfeeding: How Do You Continue Once Maternity Leave Ends?

Motherhood is a challenging but rewarding phase for any woman who chooses this path. However, it can be additionally challenging when you’re a working mom who is reaching the end of her maternity leave. Mojocare helps you to search for the best sexologist near me with expert health advisors. Breastfeeding is an integral aspect of raising a young infant, due to which it has to be done for at least a year, some mothers choose to go even longer. Breast milk contains important components and nutrients that help the infant grow and immunize itself against several diseases. The mother’s milk has a certain blueprint, to put it simply, which helps the child develop certain aspects of their cognitive function and immunity. Breastfeeding is also a way of building the bond of parenthood between the mother and child as a primary caregiver.

When you're on maternity leave, things can be handled better, but what happens when you have to go to work? SInce the child needs breast milk to develop certain aspects such as a secured attachment personality, a positive bond with the parent and a well developed brain that can socialize positively, this isn’t something that can be skipped out.

So what are your alternatives?

For starters let’s take a look at the following tips working mothers can take while going back to work:

  1. Invest in a good breast milk pump: These are devices meant to extract breast milk so that you can easily store them in bottles for your young ones. You can use it quite a few times a day and collect a few bottles so that the baby is bottle fed breast milk when you aren’t around.
  2. Try negotiating with the workplace to work from home: While the pandemic is still not under control, most offices have been working from home, so it becomes easier for mothers to care for their infants. However, if your place of work insists that you come to work, it is your right to ask them to allot you work from home, since your infant is at a high risk of contracting the virus.
  3. Involve your mother in law or mother: Since these maternal figures have had the experience of raising young ones before, leaning on them for support can be invaluable. Ask them to help you out while you go to work to feed the child bottles of breast milk you have extracted using the pump.
  4. Take a break from work and make a feeding schedule: As babies grow it is important to create a feeding schedule so that they don’t demand to be fed at random hours. Fixing a schedule will help you focus on work while knowing your designated breaks to feed the young one too,
  5. Get your husband in tow: Your partner in life is also responsible for caring for the child, hence ask him to share the load of caring for your infant. Split your time or schedule so as to take turns in feeding the child; your husband can use the bottles of breast milk you stored to feed the baby; this will also give them the chance to bond together.

Skipping breastfeeding during the crucial growth stages of a child can be problematic as they could fail to develop certain antibodies, have difficulties forming a bond or may suffer from separation anxiety. Using the tips provided for parents to be at Mojocare, you can show up actively as a parent while maintaining a work-life balance.