Can Overstimulation Cause Erectile Dysfunction? Learn How What & Why

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Can Overstimulation Cause Erectile Dysfunction

YES, it can! The first time it happened, you may have blamed it on the alcohol, the second time something stressful was going on, the third time it could be tiredness but what about the fourth time, fifth & sixth time! These were the times, you probably thought something was wrong with you as you experienced loss of libido or morning erectile, but let me tell you, the problem of ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is not something incurable, especially when it happens due to overstimulation.

In younger men, not being able to get or keep an erection firm enough at the time of musterbation or sexual intercourse is rarer than in older men. But, in recent times the reports are saying otherwise. We can understand when you are 23 and incapable of satisfying yourself or your partner, it feels like a failure and causes much mental trauma. This change has valid reasons to evaluate and overstimulation is one of them.

You may not know but the problem of ED is something prevalent in men. Many reports have shown that it has a global prevalence of 3-76.5%  and usually more common in young males and males with cardiovascular disease. Hence, put your worries aside cause you're not the only one suffering this phenomenon alone.

But, what role exactly overstimulation plays in erectile dysfunction among men? Let’s discuss this.

What is overstimulation?

Overstimulation in men happens due to too many orgasms or the repetition of musterbation for plenty of times. In simple words, when you touch yourself too many times, the penis becomes dry and itchy, and this causes pain and irritation without moisture or downtime.

Your body becomes too stimulated to perform a sexual activity anymore, which then becomes one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction or loss of libido. Although with aging dysfunction of the penis is a natural occurrence, for younger males, it is more of a choice than normality.

How does overstimulation affect erectile dysfunction?

If you are experiencing overstimulation, you will know because those orgasms that were giving so much pleasure or morning erectile, will start to become a bit more uncomfortable, or maybe you won’t even reach the climax at all. As frustrating as it sounds, experiencing these can affect the sexual relationship between you and your partner greatly.  

For men, aged between 23-32 years, overstimulation of the body and mind happens due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Hence, the consumption of too many beers and an ample amount of alcohol becomes the prime reason for your unsatisfying sexual needs or loss of libido. In your twenties, when you were hitting clubs, getting high, and experience morning erectile leading to sleep jerking off too many times is the reason now you can not even get a firm penis to jerk off!

Other than having a hard penis, the constant irritation, and mild pain, while you are doing your everyday chore, is quite an embarrassing condition.

According to many Urologists and therapists, the overstimulated mind from watching pornography or taking drugs can become temporarily incapable of performing sexual acts, "sex therapist Dr. Morgan Francis cites an increase in pornography viewing – watching porn three to five times a week can result in a loss of appetite for real-life sexual interaction because the brain’s dopamine reserves are consistently diminished from overstimulation."

However, the situation has a cure. Treating overstimulation is possible, it just needs to maintain proper guidelines from the doctor, and everything will become Oh So Pleasurable again!


Although a common problem, it's not something you should ignore for a long time. Because of your condition, your partner as well suffers terribly. After all, we take the responsibility for our partner’s arousal, and being redundant will only make things more difficult.

In our opinion, it will be better for both you and your partner to not take it as a personal slight, as this can lead to some extreme catastrophe. While going for treatment, focus on the issues that have caused this condition. As we have discussed that overstimulation can emerge due to many reasons and being open and honest about it to your doctor is mandatory for a solution.

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Generally, the Therapist or the Urologist suggests to avoid penetrative sex for a few weeks and reconnecting through non-intimate touches, such as sharing a bath. And, in case of self-indulgence, you can as well keep your hands off your pants and divert your mind into some productive work or try out meditation.


It is indeed a very disturbing condition to feel stuck in no sex phase because of erectile dysfunction, but you should remember it is just a phase. Although addressing a situation like this among men is a challenging task, once you do it, the faster you'll get out of it.

In this article, we made an effort as you too should, and talk to your partner or go see a Urologist as soon as possible. It is just an appointment you're missing for all that steamy sex and unlimited pleasure.

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