Circumcision Surgery In India

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Circumcision Surgery In India

Circumcision is a course of removing the foreskin from the penis. In circumcision surgery, adhesions are removed, and the foreskin covering the glans is separated.

Why is Circumcision Required?

Circumcision surgery in India  may be carried out for cultural or religious reasons along with the medical requirements.Here is a list of the medical reasons that might require someone to have a circumcision:

Tight foreskin or phimosis:

On a human glans penis, the front end of the foreskin is usually lying freely. But in some cases, it may tighten or thicken and doesn't pull back from the glans easily; the medical term for this is phimosis. Many a time, this problem leads to discomfort and pain when the penis erects. And there are also higher chances of infection under the foreskin.Although in mild phimosis cases, topical steroids may help soften the foreskin, making it easier to retract.

Recurrent Balanitis:

In recurrent balanitis, the penis' forehead or the glans penis becomes inflamed and infected. This often leads to discomfort and uneasiness.


Paraphimosis is a serious condition where the skin of the penis gets stuck behind the forehead of the penis and leads to swelling and pain in the head of the penis. The problem needs a doctor's notice at the earliest to avoid complications of restricted blood flow to the penis. However, in mild cases, a doctor can apply a localised anaesthetic gel on the penis tip to reduce pain and swelling.

Cancer of the penis:

Cancer of the penis is among the rarest cancers. In this case, a red patch, wart-like growth appears under the penis foreskin or at the end of the penis.

How Long is the Process for Circumcision?

The circumcision process isn't a lengthy one. It is usually carried out on a day patient basis; which means a patient goes to a hospital on the same day you have the circumcision surgery and wouldn't have to stay till the next day. However, in some rare cases, a patient might have to stay for a day or two if the doctors prefer to monitor them in case of any unprecedented infection or treatment. It is best recommended to consult a doctor on the number of days required.

How Much Time Does It Take for the Penis to Recover from Circumcision?

According to the NHS, It usually takes 10 days to recover from circumcision for people with no acute illness. However, your doctor will guide you post the surgery through some of the measures you would have to adhere to for as long as one month.

Here Are a Few Post Circumcision Surgery Tips:

  • Avoid having anal sex for at least a month post your operation, according to
  • Ensure you wear loose clothes and apply petroleum jelly on the tip of your penis to avoid them from sticking to your clothes.

According to the NHS, there are scarce chances of one suffering from significant problems after their circumcision surgery. However, bleeding and infection are common problems associated with circumcision. But, the data shows nearly 1 out of 10 people have chances of bleeding, and 1 out of 50 have a chance of infection post the surgery.