Cosmetic Surgery For Guys!

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Cosmetic Surgery For Guys!

Many men will often see themselves in the mirror and make an elaborate list of the imperfections they would like to get removed and replaced. It might be the lines in the forehead, ears that pop out, a bloated nose, or the jowls. This happens more often than one might think. The same is also true for men looking at their private parts and wondering if they need any enhancements based on the kind of adult media they’re consuming which might have set their expectations too high.

More men have started seriously considering the option of going into cosmetic surgery for enhancements. Cosmetic surgery in today’s day and age has never been as accessible and affordable for men, and with the rising number of men seriously considering this option, the industry has been booming.

While men account for around 10% of the total cosmetic surgeries, it is still a very high number which is only growing with time. According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons or BAAPS, we are slowly moving away from the many types of radical procedures that used to take place before for men that were done for minor tweaks. These procedures used to attempt to enhance in men what they already had, as opposed to building something from scratch, which is still a preferred option for men.

Cosmetic surgeries for enhancement for men are becoming more and more popular, as they want to look good and please the ladies, especially if they are competitive and want to get ahead of other men. So, if you are one of these men who would like to go through the procedures of cosmetic surgery for enhancement, this article will guide you through it and provide some valuable insights which can help you in making a final decision.

Cosmetic Surgeries for Enhancement - All You Need to Know

All of the cosmetic procedures have their own sets of risks. Hence, whatever enhancement you might be looking for, do comprehensive research into the risks involved in the procedures first. Consult specialists and surgeons, and get recommendations based on the exact enhancement you’re looking for.

One of the most thought about and requested cosmetic surgeries for men is Penuma surgery. It is meant for penis enlargement, and is what many men are looking for. It is also the only approved surgery by the FDA for this particular enhancement. Now, you might be wondering about what goes into this surgery. Well, let’s explore.

Things to consider before Penuma Surgery

  • If you haven’t been circumcised yet, you will have to be to undergo this surgery.
  • The procedure usually takes just 1 hour to complete
  • General anaesthesia will be used by the surgeon to keep you under while the procedure is happening
  • You would need to refrain from any sexual activities or masturbation for 6 weeks after the surgery is done

Here are some of the side effects this surgery can have on people undergoing it:

  • You might some feel pain whenever you have an erection for the first few weeks
  • There might be a loss of sensation in your penis for 5-6 days after the surgery
  • Just after the surgery, you might feel nauseated or exhausted for a day due to the anaesthesia used

Is Penuma Surgery Safe for Men?

It is reported that over 81% of the people undergoing this surgery were satisfied with the result. The Penuma website mentions clearly that the success rates for this surgery is very high, and the exceptional cases where it doesn’t work out is usually because of people not following the aftercare routine properly.

Considering all of these factors, it can be concluded that this surgery is indeed safe for men, given that they take proper care of themselves and follow all the instructions provided by the surgeon after the surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery for Enhancement - Is it Worth It?

Who doesn’t have second thoughts? Well, let’s talk about how men can be often scared to undergo the procedure and might think if it is really worth it. The answer to this question can be yes and no, depending on the person. If you have taken the decision of going for the enhancement impulsively, then it might turn out that later you may regret making the decision. However, if you are careful with your decisions after doing extensive research and considering all the other options, then it might be that you feel that it was worth it.

Let’s consider the case of Raj, who went through with the Penuma surgery. He was ecstatic about it once the effects settled in, and he was infused with a lot of confidence. His sex life improved in his eyes, and he also felt happy about himself. He knew that it might be due to the surgery and not because of his natural self down there, but it wasn’t a factor in determining his satisfaction.

Mohit also underwent this procedure and was happy with the results. However, over time, he started regretting the decision because he didn’t feel that it was natural.

In both of these cases, it is the mentality of the person who had the surgery that determined their satisfaction. Hence, it is important for men to introspect, and realize if they would be happy with the results in the long run.


It is common and fair for men to think about going for cosmetic surgery for enhancements based on their personal preferences. It might be for their hairline, their face, or their penis. However, it is imperative that they determine if they’d be happy with themselves in the long run after undergoing the surgery or not.