Dating and Sexual Health During a Pandemic

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Dating and Sexual Health During a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic brought everything to a halt, and when we say everything, we also mean personal relationships. The lockdown forced all people to lock themselves up for the safety of the entire population. Days of isolation turned into weeks and months, where interpersonal relationships took a break. This time was particularly difficult for people who were single and looking for active relationships because isolation when you are seeking partnership, is a painful phase to be in. Mojocare provides you complete guidance about sexual health issues.

Not everyone is used to their own company and truly enjoys it, since it takes a lot of work to be able to sit in solitude and revel in it for a long period of time. If you are single and using this year to work on yourself, where a relationship does not come into the picture, that is amazing and we hope you come out stronger than ever.

However, if you’re someone who wants to go out on dates and can’t due to social distancing norms, we are here to help! You can make dating during a pandemic a fun experience that leads somewhere. Our blog will talk about better dates and sexual life during the pandemic today.

  1. Follow the latest COVID-19 guidelines issued by the government: Dating means meeting new people from different places, which can be a tricky situation since safety norms are to be taken seriously. Choose a place that is sanitized regularly and is COVID-19 guideline friendly.
  2. Avoid home dates: Since the first few dates are where you’re still getting to know each other, we’d advise you to choose neutral ground and not open your home so easily to someone. Your safety is important and till you reach a certain level of comfort or trust, we’d advise you to keep meeting at such neutral places.
  3. Safe sexting and self-pleasure: If you’re in a long-distance relationship with your partner, it is normal to yearn for intimacy. However, there are rules to sexting implemented to keep both of you safe while safeguarding your privacy. Choose a platform that you can trust and is double encrypted to send pictures if you want to, and choose the kind that disappears. If you aren’t comfortable sending pictures, tell them. If you’re uncomfortable with them taking screenshots, tell them. If you’re on the receiving end of pictures, remember that the person has trusted you, so delete them safely to avoid any airdrop or cloud hacking accidents. Learn how to pleasure your body by creating the time to perform self-care sex rituals for a healthy dose of orgasms, so you don’t do anything risky while hormonal.

If you’re thinking that you can’t get coronavirus while indulging in safe sex, you are wrong. The virus is highly transmissible and with its second strain already in action, immunization will take some time. Till the time, stay patient and read up on how to pleasure yourself and your partner of long-distance on Mojocare, where we address sexuality and all about healthy sexual relationships.