Does Experience Help In Intimacy Acts

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Does Experience Help In Intimacy Acts

Does an Intimate Relationship Guarantee Sexual Satisfaction?

Studies have shown that intimacy can enhance the sexual experience for people, but especially women. American Sociological Review has also shown that heterosexual women, especially in their 20s and 30s, more often are observed to orgasm more when they’re in an intimate relationship as compared to hookups or non-intimate physical relationships. Other studies conducted on men have shown that they wish to have more opportunities to develop long-term and intimate relationships, although, men are more likely to have hooked up and dated for a short span of time than women.

These circumstances clearly indicate that intimacy does indeed enhance sexual satisfaction amongst men and women. However, if people are not experienced, intimacy can also turn out to be ineffective. Hence, being experienced in the act can be considered a great catalyst for people in enhancing their intimate sexual experience.

Ways in Which Experience can Make Intimate Acts Better

Let’s take a story and explore how being experienced in sex can be of great help in making intimate acts better. Suppose Pragya has been a very sexually active person but hasn't been in a relationship so far. She has the experience, but the factor of intimacy has been missing from her sex life. She started dating and developed an intimate relationship with a guy named Aman. Both of them are well- experienced in the act, but haven’t done it yet. Now, here are some ways in which this would help their sexual experience when they finally get to do it:

  1. More openness and being comfortable with opening-up

The greatest power of intimate relationships is the feeling of acceptance and being valued. It allows people to open up and be more comfortable in talking about their kinks, fantasies, and how they can mutually enhance each other’s sexual experience. Now, Pragya and Aman have been very open with each other about these things, and know exactly what pleases the other.

Add to this scenario the factor of intimacy, and you have an experience that not only dictates pleasure but also a connection to ensure that both of them are thoroughly satisfied. Being experienced in the act is just the topping on the cake, as they would both be well-versed in what to do and what not to do. This can prove to be a very helpful factor for both in performing better and having much more satisfaction by the end of it than a normal run of the mill hookup.

2. The vulnerability can be a good thing

When two people trust each other, they are willing to expose their vulnerabilities and take risks for each other. In Pragya and Aman’s case, they both have been together for a year and were finally at a stage to be really vulnerable with each other. This helped them in exploring each of their deepest desires, and not be judged for it. This led to many new and enthralling experiences for both of them inside the bedroom. Even during some of their intimate acts, both would reveal to each other what they desired and how they thought things were going, which could only come with experience. This also enhanced their emotional intimacy, which turned into a spark on the fuse of their dynamite sexual relationship!

3. Becoming authentic and knowing exactly what you want

Pragya and Aman broke up after 2 years. However, both of them walked away knowing much more about what they wanted out of intimate acts than they did before. They both matured and became experienced. This helped them in being their authentic selves inside the bedroom with their future partners. This also enhanced their understanding of what they liked and what they didn’t like to do. Ultimately, the experience made them both very educated about not only the act of sex but also about their individual bodies and what would stimulate it. This made their future sexual experiences much more satisfactory and impactful.


While it can be a scary idea for many people, especially virgins, to be intimate with someone, if approached in the right manner, it can turn into a great journey for people. Having a couple of unsatisfactory sexual experiences can teach one a lot. And this is exactly why experience is an important factor in helping people in elevating satisfaction in their acts of intimacy, and sex.