Embody the Divine Feminine With Some Self Love and Sexual Self Care Rituals!

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Embody the Divine Feminine With Some Self Love and Sexual Self Care Rituals!

Sex is one of our several human instincts that can be enjoyable and a binding process. However, seldom do people indulge in pleasuring themselves to know their bodies better! A huge aspect of enjoying sex depends on knowing what you like, what you don’t, and where your boundaries lie. For this, exploring your sexuality is an important aspect of understanding what sets your body and soul on fire! Good for us all, there are sexual self-care rituals that can lend a hand with it, no pun intended. We at Mojocare will be addressing a few tricks with which you can understand sexual self-care better to put your own pleasure first; read on to know more about Sexual health!

Romance Yourself, Slow Down!

This may seem obvious, but it is essential that you take some time out for yourself to explore your sexuality. Rushing into it with an orgasm as an end goal can put a serious damper on the entire act, especially if you’re with a partner later. You can only teach them what you like and what works for you if you know your body well enough. There is no need to rush with the act, so take your time and concentrate on the different sensations of your body by integrating caresses and touch. Think about romancing your body and imagination by teasing and deliberate movements to reach the big O!

Experimenting Sexy

Sex is always looked at from a shame-based perspective, especially for women. What they don’t understand is  how shaming creates more barriers for two adults to enjoy their sex lives freely.

Self care rituals to treat your body sensually is one of the best ways to break past such shame based realities as you can own your sexiality and please yourself. Don’t be afraid to experiment, bring in toys that tickle all your senses.

Create a routine

Creating a ritual is much like making a routine that will help you better. If you struggle with the thought of masturbation and are overcome with feelings of guilt, spend time understanding why feeling like this is a product of societal conditioning and not an innate state of mind. Also remember that indulging in pornography is normal, but to a certain extent. If you rely on your own senses to help you out, you stand a much lesser chance of becoming desensitized to stimulation due to a porn addiction problem.

Set your pace

It is essential to be mindful that your relation toward sex is deeply personal and may not even have to include sex or masturbation. You can spend some quality time journaling, meditating over it or even use a guided audiobook to help you reach a level of deep comfort with your body. The ultimate key for a healthy sexual self care ritual is to help your body recognize yourself just as worthy of being respected and loved.

Practice is key

Habits set the trend, so once you establish a ritual, make sure that you spend time to make it a routine. This will help you become more comfortable with your body and thoughts while recognizing yourself as a sexual being without the feeling of guilt, shame or fear of judgement. As you practice this routine, you will feel safer and more comfortable with yourself, helping you set standards and boundaries.

We hope that this little guide helps you in learning to embrace yourself for all that you are. Our sexual urges are deeply rooted in feelings of self-worth, which can be improved when we show ourselves the care we deserve first. You can explore our blogs about sexual hygiene and safe sex practices on our blog which will help you achieve amazing orgasms and open up to a better sex life!