Finding Your Way To A Spicier Sex Life

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Finding Your Way To A Spicier Sex Life

If you are in a sexual relationship with someone and are experiencing a low, you are not the only one. While such a phase is natural in couples, the experience is still difficult and challenging for the two individuals. Once familiarity sets into a sexual relationship, the newness, which helps keep things spicy might die. You can connect with sexologist doctors and make sex feel like brushing your teeth because you already happen to know all about the act and how to go about doing it.

Here are a few ways to reignite that passion in your bed:

1. Netflix & Chill

Put on an erotic movie or friendly porn that turns the both of you on. Watch how your partner gets aroused to such a medium. The very sight of it can make things hot for you. Here are a few porn sites that offer female-friendly, queer-friendly, and couple-friendly erotic content - Crashpadseries, Sssh, and Frolicme.

2. Talk Things Out

It’s usually when a couple stops fighting that the love fizzles out of the relationship. The two individuals no longer care for what happens to their bond. Lack of communication is what usually leads to dry, boring sex between a couple.

You could sit across from your partner and share with them what you feel, instead of talking about how they make you feel. Stay as close as possible to your own experience. As the partner on the listening end, reserve your need to take responsibility as much as you’d like to, for your partner’s experience. Focus solely on holding that safe space for them to share. Talk both about the aspects where things are working for you and aspects where you feel some improvement can be made. For the latter part, ask each other - “What is the smallest step that can be taken in this direction?”

3. Sex Fact-Finding Night

As much as one would like to believe they know everything about something, there is always something more to learn. Read up on new facts centring around any area of physical intimacy. Have a conversation with your partner about it wherein you can share how you feel about the topic at hand, if and when you’d like to try something out, things you want your partner to keep in mind when you agree to try that something.

The more areas you explore, the less automatic your intimacy in bed might become.

4. Connect With Your Own Body

The more in sync you are with your own body, the better you’ll be able to understand and create space for the body of your partner. Join a Yoga, Zumba, or a dancing class. Whatever gets those muscles moving. Establish a strong connection with your body. Feel it move.


If things continue to go the sour way, you could try consulting a sex therapist. Sometimes, our experience of intimacy goes way back to our childhood experiences. To process such events, the help of a professional might be needed. If it is not the mental but the physical that is bothering you, please see a medical practitioner. For both these needs, feel free to reach out to us at Mojocare, where we attend to your intimacy-related needs with the help of our experts!