How to start exercising?

Adopting a new exercise routine may feel intimidating. It’s challenging to form new habits and break old ones. One of the best ways to set yourself up for success is to create an easy-to-follow plan.

Here are some tips to help you get started with a workout routine:

  • Set small goals: When creating a new habit, you want to give yourself little wins along the way. Celebrate completing your first workout, staying consistent for your first week, or comfortably using a few more pounds of weight. Giving yourself little wins and rewards along the way can keep you motivated and on track.
  • Plan your workouts ahead of time: Whether you’re working out alone, with others, or doing a workout video, it’s helpful to plan in advance. Deciding what exercises or videos you’ll do ahead of time saves you time and helps you stick to your exercise goals.
  • Try out different types of exercise: You probably won’t enjoy every type of workout you do. Still, enjoying your workouts makes them easier to stick to long-term. Mixing up the types of workouts you try can increase the odds of landing on a few that you like, plus give you options to choose from if you ever feel like you’re in an exercise rut.
  • Sign up for group fitness classes: Working out with other people and under a weight loss consultant may help increase your energy and motivation to exercise by providing community support. Exercising with other people can help you feel more accountable and have more fun while working out.
  • Get your gym bag ready to go: Being prepared for your workouts helps reduce excuses that may get in the way of your goals. Keeping your clothes and equipment ready to go makes it easy when the time comes for your workout.