How to Wear a Condom: A Guide by Sex Experts

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How to Wear a Condom

There are a variety of condoms available in the market, but the one that is most commonly used is the external male condom which is a latex sheath placed onto an erect penis to collect semen and avoid the interchange of bodily fluids.

It is important to know how to use condoms to avoid unwanted pregnancy and protect yourself and your partner against sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, chlamydia, genital herpes or HIV/AIDS.

Finding the Right Size

When it comes to choosing a condom, size does matter. If a condom is too loose, it can slide off, and if it is too tight, it can create discomfort.

To get the right size condom, you will have to measure both the length and the girth of your penis. Use a ruler or a measuring tape to measure your penis. The length of your penis is the measurement from the base to the tip while the penis is erect. The girth is the measurement you get by wrapping your measurement tape around your penis while it is erect. To get the width of your penis, divide girth by 3.14.

Perfect condom size is comfortable, without slipping or obvious discomfort. It should not move around, and there should be at least two inches of space to catch semen.

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How to Put on a Condom Properly?

You should wear a condom after your penis is erect and before it touches your partner’s mouth or genital area.

Here are some steps to help you learn how to put on a condom correctly before indulging in sexual activities:

1. Open the Condom Package Carefully

Do not use your teeth or scissors to open a condom packet. Condom packaging is easy to open just by peeling it on the side.

2. Make Sure the Condom Is Ready to Roll On

The correct way to wear a condom is to unroll the condom slightly before putting it on to make sure it is not inside side out. The rim should be rolled up on the outside rather than tucked underneath. In case you put on the condom inside out, do not try to flip it around and reuse it. Instead, use a new one.

3. Place the Condom on the Tip of Your Penis and Roll It Down

After your penis is erect, pinch the tip of the condom and place it on the head of your penis. This ensures that air is not trapped inside the condom while putting it on. Leave a space of about two inches at the top of the condom for the semen to collect. Then unroll the condom down the shaft of your penis all the way to the base.

How to Put on a Condom Properly

4. Check for Trapped Air

If the tip of the condom looks like an inflated balloon, then there is air trapped inside it. This could break the condom and result in a condom malfunction. Release the air by placing your hands around the penis and gently smoothing out the condom from tip to base. This is an essential part of wearing a condom correctly. Putting a little amount of lubricant gel on the tip of the condom before putting it on can help prevent the trapping of air.

5. Hold Onto the Rim of the Condom and Withdraw

After ejaculation, hold onto the rim of the condom and withdraw your penis from your partner’s body before your penis goes soft, or else it can become loose and let semen out.

6. Carefully Take off the Condom Away From Your Partner

In case the condom slides off inside your partner, twist the open end shut and carefully take off the condom away from your partner to avoid leaking or accidentally spilling semen on them.

7. Throw Away the Condom

Condoms should be put in the trash and not flushed in the toilet, as they can clog the pipes. Wrap the condom in toilet paper or a paper towel before disposing of it in a trash bin to prevent it from leaking.

Closing Thoughts

It would be wise to practice wearing a condom correctly before having actual sex. You can have fun by experimenting along with your partner, making them put a condom on you, or practising on a banana or a cucumber.  

Becoming a condom pro before having sex makes it easier to use a condom correctly when it matters.