In Tune with the Indian Women's Intimate Desires

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In Tune with the Indian Women's Intimate Desires

The modern Indian woman knows what she wants, and she isn’t afraid to ask for it. Be it her rights, education, career, or even sexual desires, she knows how to stake her claim.

Let’s not get misled here. There was always this sentiment, quite possibly influenced by the West, which dictated that Indian women were shy, afraid, and uninitiated. Clearly that wasn't the case because it was only the ancient Indians who taught them anything there was to know about sexuality. There's abundant proof of that in the millions of copies of Kamasutra on coffee tables abroad. The intimate expectation or ask for sex. She was getting plenty of it!

Urban culture has somewhat changed the Indian woman today. She is unafraid to experiment with sex, talk about her deepest  or share her ultimate bedroom. She is unapologetic about pre-marital sex, gratifying herself, or sharing her needs. She is happy, secure, and confident about her sexuality. The question is – has the man fallen behind?

Giving the Indian Woman What She Needs

Contrary to the image we might have created so far, the  Indian woman is not the praying mantis waiting to devour her male. Instead, she is a willing and able partner who wants to be as much a part of the act as you. If you are struggling with how you can make that happen, we have some great pointers that can help

  • Feed the Foreplay: An aroused woman makes for unimaginable sex! Take your time working up the excitement. Caress her, rough her up, explore her erogenous zones to help her feel aroused. She is guaranteed to make the effort worth it!
  • Let her Lead: Women are great at intimate expression and know just what it takes to make sex exceptional. Allow your woman to take the lead she will show you where she likes to be touched, how she enjoys being felt up, and which moves can make her moan out loud and beg you for more!
  • Encourage Expression: Leave the ladylike expressions outside the bedroom. In bed, women are the raging tigresses waiting for meat. Talk dirty, tell the woman how sexy she is, and makes you feel. Share with her how you want to pleasure her or the heights of excitement that you want to take her to. She's bound to get there and beyond!
  • The Tantalising Touch: Use your hands, tongue, or anything that you imagine will arouse your woman. Women have highly sensitive bodies that can respond to the lightest touch. Get behind her ears, to the nape of her neck, or start at the toes. You don't always need to touch a woman between her legs or grope her breasts to make her want you!
  • Keep it Kinky: Get out the fancy clothes and try some role plays. The naughty nurse or desperate policeman never fails! Try edible underwear, handcuffs, straps, stimulators, or feathers. Remember, these are only aids, and you need to work your charm too. Help make sex imaginative and unpredictable.
  • Turn off the Timer: Women want sex when they feel the need for it, and not just when it's dark and the blinds are down. She may want it on the kitchen counter, pressed up against the window, or even in the closet. Who knows, she may want to sex things up in a parking lot too. Drop your inhibitions and your pants when you know she's game!
  • Ditch the Drama: Women are strong and self-assured, and need sleep and space as much as you do. Don't be surprised if she isn't into the spooning and cuddling and demands her corner soon after you're done.
  • Keep it passionate: Women want to be treated really passionately and little aggressively. Like, throw gently against a wall or grab a little forcefully.