Is Alcohol actually killing your libido?

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Everyone agrees that a small amount of alcohol is beneficial for sexuality. In particular, because it can help to relax a little or "let go".

Alcohol acts on all areas of the brain to trigger a cascade of reactions. At first, it generates a state of relaxation and euphoria. It stirs up desire. In other words, having a drink produces dopamine, which gives us pleasure, and this substance plays an important role in the mechanism of sexual desire or libido.

Is sex really better after a drink?

Most of the time, it's just an impression.

Alcohol works in two contradictory ways: it stimulates and slows down the brain. However, relaxation is beneficial for excitement, and therefore for erection.

The problem is that no one knows exactly what a “small dose” is; and that it varies greatly from one individual to another. For some men, it may be a drink; for others, 2, 3, or 4 glasses…

You must therefore drink in moderation and learn to know your limit. As long as you stay below this limit, the effects of alcohol will be beneficial for erection, but beyond that, alcohol harms sexuality and immediate erection.

Alcohol and erection: the long-term consequences of alcohol

This scenario concerns people who take alcohol daily or regularly, in higher doses.

Everyone knows that in the long run, consuming alcohol in an excessive way, can end up damaging the liver; and in the most severe cases, cause cirrhosis.

But what is less known is that liver disease has a negative impact on sexuality. Basically, the liver participates in the hormone regulation system; and in particular, it can lead to a decrease in testosterone levels.

Liver disease can therefore cause erectile dysfunction or low libido.

On top of that, when the liver is diseased, in general, we are rather tired and slowed down. This is not beneficial to arousal or libido either.

Finally, there is another consequence of alcohol in the long term. This regular consumption of alcohol for several years ends up damaging the peripheral neurological system. In simple words, drinking alcohol very regularly or in large quantities can end up damaging the electrical system connecting the brain to the penis.

The consequence is that during excitement, the brain sends information to the penis; if this electrical system is damaged, the information does not reach the penis, causing erectile dysfunction.

If you’ve been facing low sexual desire or erection problems, alcohol can be a contributor. However, it is best to check with an expert and understand if there is any other cause too.

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