Male Hormonal Imbalance Test in India

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Male Hormonal Imbalance Test in India

Hormones and Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones can be defined as the chemical messengers of your body. They help you in controlling the major processes in your body like reproduction, metabolism, etc. Now, when the level of any hormone increases or decreases drastically in your body, you have a Hormonal Imbalance. Changes in your Hormone Levels can be the result of a number of factors, including age, problems in the Endocrine Glands, etc. When it comes to hormones, even small changes can seriously affect your entire body. The markers for Hormonal Imbalance in men can result in a host of symptoms including, sudden weight gain/weight loss, fatigue, muscle weakness, heart rate fluctuations, constipation, depression, infertility, puffy face etc. Testosterone is an important hormone and lack of it can cause sexual health issues  in adult men like erectile dysfunction, breast tenderness, decreased hair growth, etc.

Getting Checked

Testing for Hormone Imbalance is not just a single test, but rather a bunch of them clubbed together. In case you make a physical appointment with a Doctor, you will need to bring your medical history, medications, and supplements you are currently on, etc., with you. The Doctor will ask you things like the regularity of your symptoms, if and how you relieve these symptoms, whether there have been any weight fluctuations, etc.  So make sure that you have all of this information at the ready when you go for your appointment. Based on the answers that you give, the doctor will suggest the diagnostic tests that you should be taking, and if you wish you can also request the doctor to perform these tests.

You need to make sure that in case you are experiencing any symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance, you should get yourself checked out immediately. Even though fluctuating hormone levels do not affect your body, immediately, over time the effects can become very drastic. For example, adult men can feel the effects of severe erectile dysfunction, in case they have a case of Hormonal Imbalance, present in their body for too long. Hormonal Imbalance in Men has become an increasingly common case in India now and an alarmingly large number of men are facing this problem. But, if you can catch it early, you can treat this better and make a complete recovery. There are several remedies available now like men can undergo Testosterone Therapy in case of Testosterone Imbalance in the body. Testosterone Supplements counteract low Testosterone Levels in men and helps improve sexual health. These supplements can be taken via Injection, Patches, Gel, etc.

Tests for Hormone Imbalance

  • Blood Test - For this particular test, the attending doctor will basically take a small sample of your blood and send it for testing. Almost all of the hormones present in your body can be detected in your blood. So taking a blood test is arguably the easiest and fastest way to check your Hormone Levels. Thyroid Levels, Testosterone and Estrogen Levels, Cortisol, can all be tested through a simple blood test.
  • Pelvic Exam - In the case of a Pelvic Exam, the Doctor requests the male patient to lie down and then check his scrotum for the presence of any abnormalities, like lumps, etc.
  • Ultrasound - In an Ultrasound Machine the Doctor will basically use an Ultrasound Machine, that sends Sound Waves through your body. These waves help to map out the whole of the inside of your body, based on where they bounce back from. This allows doctors to get a clear image of your Testicles, Thyroid Gland, Pituitary Gland, etc.
  • In some cases, when the above-mentioned processes fail to derive clear results, the doctor can opt for a series of advanced tests like performing a Biopsy, an MRI, X-Ray, a Thyroid Scan, Testing the Sperm Count, etc.

Test yourself at home

In case you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, and believe you may have Hormonal Imbalance, then you can give yourself a small test before you go and meet the doctor. Especially in the present times of the Global Pandemic, having a small test at home can actually be a good idea. Right now, across India, you will be able to find a series of easy-to-do Home Hormone Tests. These Home Testing Kits mostly require a sample of your bodily fluids, like your saliva, or your blood from your fingertip, and can measure your Cortisol Levels, Thyroid Levels, Testosterone and Progesterone(Sex Hormones) Levels, etc. You may need to give your urine for a few of these kits. Once you are done performing the test, you send it to a Testing Lab and you get your results from that test, within a couple of weeks.

However, even though you can perform such tests at home, you simply have to contact a doctor and get yourself checked out properly once you get your results. In fact, you should share the results of your Home Test, because that will help the Doctor to have a better idea of what your problem actually is.

In a Nutshell

Hormonal Imbalance in men is a very real problem nowadays, but fortunately, India now offers a number of avenues you can avail of to get yourself checked. Ensure you do not let this problem affect you too long and go see a doctor today