Maternity Fashion Tips For The Expecting Mamas!

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Maternity Fashion Tips For The Expecting Mamas!

Becoming a mother is a huge leap, which involves having your body go through extreme changes. While you may despair old clothes not fitting your growing body, you can accentuate the glow that only an expecting mother carries. Rather than spending a bomb on your wardrobe every trimester, there are several ways for you to look and feel beautiful even when nine months pregnant! You can connect with mojocare to search for the best sexologist near me and get complete guidance.

Our blog today will address the ways you can add a flair of fashion to your maternity wardrobe without going broke or compromising your comfort.

Six Fashion Tips for Radiant Moms to be

  1. Don’t buy into trends: Maternity fashion is about comfort because mothers are battling daily changes in their bodies and sensations. Some days you feel bloated, while the other days you feel nauseous; it all can get too much for a woman to deal with! Make sure that you invest in clothes that make you feel good while you’re wearing them. Trends come and go but your body deserves to feel as comfortable as possible!
  2. Choose breathable fabrics: It is very easy to feel stuffy if you don’t wear loose-fitting clothes in breathable fabrics. While wearing natural fibers will be gentle on your skin, they will also keep you cool and ventilated throughout the day.
  3. Invest in comfortable maternity shoes: Since you’ll be carrying some extra weight for the next few months, make sure that you buy a pair of shoes with comfortable soles to relieve the pressure on your spine and knees. Memory foam does wonders and can reduce your back pain, so don’t be hesitant to buy yourself a nice pair. Avoid wearing flat footwear with hard soles as it doesn’t absorb shock while you walk and can give you sore ankles.
  4. Expandable clothing: Instead of splurging on new clothes every two months because your body is now changing quickly, buy maternity wear that can mold around your silhoutte. There are several styles of beautiful dresses, skirts, and even pants that are functional and can comfortably fit you as your belly grows. Remember that you won’t be able to fit into these clothes once you deliver!
  5. Sustainable fashion: Most of the clothes that your wear end up in landfills which take a long time to be recycled. Maternity fashion can be amazing to help you feel good about yourself as an expecting mama, so buy from responsible brands!
  6. Glow up self-care: Don’t forget to pamper yourself regularly with warm bubble baths, food soaks with bath salts and oils. You can use several readily available ingredients at homes such as an almond oil and sugar scrub or a coconut oil hair spa to keep yourself hydrated and glowing! A happy and stress-free mom is a healthy mom!

Maternity fashion is a personal choice which means you get to own your style. Experiment with layers, patterns, and colors that can complement your outfits. Indulge in makeup and essential oils if you’re fond of them to accentuate your goddess glow. Mojocare is your go-to blog for tips on maternity, intimacy, and sexual exploration while pregnancy; visit our website for the latest tips on transitioning into motherhood and enjoying the journey.