10 Non-Medical Ways to Boost Sex Time by 30 Minutes!

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We understand that lasting longer in bed is what often defines sexual satisfaction. Some are naturally skilled, while others feel they are not yet there. However, it doesn't have to be that way, and you can get early ejaculation treatment with these natural tips.

We have listed 10 natural ways to increase sex time by 30 minutes without medication! So, keep reading.

10 Natural Methods to Increase Sex Time by 30 Minutes

Check out these ten natural techniques without resorting to medication to get your premature ejaculation cured.

1. Get Familiar With Your Body

  • Understand your body to increase sex time without taking medicines. Take some time out and practice self-pleasure! Explore the different spots on your body that can heighten sensations and stir arousal. Knowing every curve, spot, and sensation in your body would help you last longer. This can also help you understand your partner better and improve their experience.

2. Slow it down

  • Slow and steady sex lasts longer! Therefore, foreplay is absolutely important. Take the time to get aroused. There's no rush here. Kisses, strokes, caresses- they make all the difference. Even when you get to the deed, don't rush, as anticipation will only build your excitement.

3. Exercise to Improve Sexual Stamina

  • Exercise boosts energy, stamina, and blood flow. Regular exercise improves circulation and muscular strength, making you stay longer in bed. Kegel exercises are effective for strengthening pelvic muscles. As a consequence, you'll have stronger control over your body.

4. Focus on Your Partner

  • When you're having sex, you might feel like you're nearing the end too soon. A solution to this would be to slow down and focus on your partner instead. Ensure that they are properly aroused as well and close to finishing as you.

5. Increase Your Melatonin Levels

  • Melatonin is a hormone that your body makes to control when you sleep, wake up, and do other things. Low levels of melatonin can lead to quick ejaculation and poor erections. To increase your melatonin levels naturally, you can try taking a high-quality supplement or drinking more chamomile tea before bed.

6. Try These Natural Remedies

  • If you're having difficulties staying in bed, you might also try several over-the-counter herbal medications. Many natural medicines include plant extracts that boost sexual performance. Horny Goat Weed and Damiana are a few effective natural remedies that stimulate libido and sexual stamina and typically come under the early ejaculation treatment option.

7. Watch Your Diet

  • What you eat and drink affects your sexual life and your ability to have more sexual time. Without medication, eating L-arginine-rich foods like nuts, dairy, eggs, and salmon will enhance your sex time. Moreover, avoid eating processed or fast food and sugary or salty foods. These foods can result in increased blood pressure and dehydration, which can, in turn, lead to early ejaculation.

8. Practice Control

  • Practicing control can help you increase your sex time without taking any premature ejaculation treatments. When you're ready to climax, squeeze and push your penis base. This will help you remain in bed longer and regulate the sensation. However, it would be best if you were careful not to squeeze too hard, or you could injure yourself.

9. Use Lubricants

  • Lubricants have been known to make sex last longer because they reduce friction and make it easier to get a good grip. So, before you get started, use high-quality lubricants. This will help to make the experience much smoother and more comfortable while also allowing you to last longer.

1.0 Reduce Your Stress

  • Finally, try reducing your stress levels to get your premature ejaculation cured and increase your sex time without medications. A man's performance in the bedroom could be hurt by stress, making him climax too soon. You might find it helpful to practice yoga, exercise, or other mindfulness techniques that help you calm down and clear your mind.

To Sum Up

If you want to lengthen your sex time by 30 minutes without using pharmaceuticals, these natural treatments are the way to go. These premature ejaculation treatments may help you decrease stress, enhance your energy and stamina, raise your libido and erections, and even help you stay in bed longer.

So give them a shot and enjoy an improved sexual performance!