Reclaiming Pregnancy & Motherhood For Oneself

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Reclaiming Pregnancy & Motherhood For Oneself

The internet is flooded with posts containing tips on caring for yourself and your young ones before, during, and after pregnancy. Each website has its own set of advice to offer. Mojocare is the best platform that guides you throughout your pregnancy and helps you to get well sexual health. If pregnancy is something you’ve considered or gone through, you might have surfed through the internet or the shelves of a bookstore, trying to get hold of the “best” content out there.

At the bottom of all this is society’s attempt to make you feel like a perfect pregnancy and motherhood is possible. But the truth is more bitter than sweet.

You might feel like just like you can ace an interview or get a perfect college by working diligently, you can also ace pregnancy. That by always putting in efforts, you can make all the discomfort of pregnancy vanish. One tries to sugarcoat the lows of this period and continuously keep moving towards achieving more highs.

Instead, we believe a new mother should take all the information the world has to offer. And then not use it as it is, at its face value. Instead, mothers can use all this knowledge as a paper out of which they can cut their definition of motherhood. Use the material the world has to offer about this phase of life. And then make something that suits your unique circumstances. Simply copy-pasting what others say, without seeing the stark contrast between their lives and yours, is something that already sets you up for failure.

You’ll have to reclaim the term ‘motherhood’ for yourself. See it as something that might be inspired by the experiences of others. But it is still something that belongs to you. Something healthy for your child and you.

Letting the boat of perfectionism sail away can be very challenging. But it is only after you let it leave the shore, that you might start embracing the messiness and chaos of the phase of your life, without constantly measuring yourself up to unrealistic standards. Perfectionism takes you away from the real, the present and always pushes you towards an ideal future. You hope that once you reach this future, that you’ll be ecstatic! But both of us know that such a shiny future never comes. They are just baits we set for ourselves, to keep hustling, without pausing to reflect on the lives we’ve lived so far.

The more you stay in the here and now of your motherhood, the more grounded you are likely to feel.

To do this, you might want to start looking at content, at real-life examples of mothers that bring you close to the chaos of this time in your life, instead of encouraging you to run after some unachievable shining ideal. They’ll help you recognize what you are going through and attend to it, instead of running away from it. Become selective about what you consume because it will determine the beliefs you carry into your pregnancy experience and motherhood!