Sex In The Age Of Zoom Calls

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Sex In The Age Of Zoom Calls

Zoom calls are on a roll this year due to the Coronavirus inhibiting the entirety of humankind to stay indoors and avoid physically socializing. When work from home culture took off and turned into something everyone could work with, platforms such as Zoom gained huge leverage, thanks to their ability to host meetings on very affordable packages for a huge number of participants. Mojocare helps you to take care of your sexual health by sitting at home, you just need to connect with experts to get online consultation.

However, we also read several news stories of national leaders, diplomats, government officials, bosses, employees, and many more getting into trouble with Zoom calls. The talk of the year would be how so many of them were caught indulging in sexual activities while a conference on Zoom was still ongoing, which led to embarrassing situations for many. Several such individuals were forced to resign due to their recklessness, while others made cheeky apologies for indecent exposure.

Today, this Mojocare blog will talk about ways you can get frisky with your love interest without any embarrassing or risky misadventures!

Safety First

What we’d like you to know that Zoom calls have become such an integral part of our lives in 2020, we need to be extra careful about the way we use it. One of the key reminders for all those who attended or host meetings on Zoom is to be extremely vigilant during the call and inform your partners to not burst in for a round of steamy sex till the call is done with.  Next, make sure that a call is truly over by pressing on End and ensuring that the app is closed.

You may like to attend meetings in your bedroom since it gives you privacy to attend to the task at hand without disturbances, but you are also putting yourself at risk of an unended meeting being witness to your intimate moments, even when innocent. So, our advice would be to have a designated place  for your work station, and if you have nowhere else better than the bedroom, make sure that the laptop is turned off and kept outside the room for extra measures.

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Sex Parties or Mutual Masturbation on Zoom Calls

Voyeurism can be a thrilling experience, but Zoom is definitely not the place to do it. If you’re someone who knows people that host sex sessions on zoom, asks you to participate or are already the participant, you need to know that your privacy may be compromized at any time. Zoom has an algorithm that can find explicit content and report or ban it from their platform. So the guy or lady who tries to coax you into a mutual masturbation session after a few dates or just talking online, decline politely.

It is highly possible that there are more than one people in the room, or the screen recorder may be on. Your privacy and online safety is your responsibility, so take decisions that serve you well. Instead of indulging in risky stuff like being caught on Zoom, you can learn how to pleasure yourself better or build up the heat using texts on an encrypted platform.

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