Temporary Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment, Causes, and Diagnosis

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Though erectile dysfunction is a common health concern for many men, it is often left untreated. Most men find it difficult to open up about it or seek medical help. Furthermore, modern lifestyle habits, pollution, and stress have made erectile dysfunction a widespread sexual health concern for men of all ages. However, understanding the underlying cause behind erectile dysfunction can help alleviate it, at times, even without medical intervention.

Our blog lists the possible causes of temporary erectile dysfunction as well as erectile dysfunction treatment options available.

What is Temporary Erectile Dysfunction?

Not all cases of erectile dysfunction are long-term or chronic. Often, erectile dysfunction can be temporary. Temporary erectile dysfunction is transient and can usually be reversed by making certain lifestyle changes. Though differentiating temporary erectile dysfunction from chronic erectile dysfunction can be tricky, it is possible through self-evaluation.

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If you have made any recent alterations to food habits, a shift to a sedentary lifestyle, and increased smoking and alcohol consumption, it could have triggered your condition. Hence, if you feel like there is an underlying temporary cause, such as increased stress at work leading to erectile dysfunction, it is most likely transient in nature. Though temporary erectile dysfunction can be psychologically taxing, one can breathe a sigh of relief since it can easily be cured by removing the trigger.

What Causes Temporary Erectile Dysfunction?

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Now that we have discussed the key signs of temporary erectile dysfunction let’s look at what causes it. There may not be one specific factor triggering temporary erectile dysfunction. Generally, it is triggered by a plethora of related factors.

  • Sedentary Lifestyle/ Lack of Exercise: An active lifestyle can be crucial to one’s sexual health. A sedentary lifestyle can critically impact one’s cardiovascular health. If your body is already suffering from inflammation or obesity due to a poor lifestyle, it might be affecting your sexual health as well. If you have slowly slipped into an unhealthy lifestyle in the past, that could be the culprit behind your temporary erectile dysfunction.
  • Stress: This is one of the most common causes of temporary erectile dysfunction. If you are currently going through a rough patch in life or are psychologically burdened, it might impact your sexual health. Mental stress often reflects in the form of physical stress. This can cause tight muscles and muscle tension, contributing to erectile dysfunction. Chronic stress can also lead to depression, another cause of erectile dysfunction.
  • Smoking/Drinking Alcohol: While social drinking and smoking have become quite popular in the modern world, it’s important to be mindful of the same. A stressful phase at work or personal life might unknowingly cause one to consume too much alcohol or smoke more frequently. One might use these substances as a coping mechanism. Both these substances could act as depressants on your nervous system, thus triggering temporary erectile dysfunction.
  • Psychological Factors: The reactions that happen in the body are entwined with the mind. Hence, if there is any anxiety or fear related to sexual experiences, that could trigger temporary erectile dysfunction. Fear or anxiety could lead to the release of a hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol constricts the proper flow of blood, which can cause erectile dysfunction.

Temporary Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

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As discussed above, several factors can cause temporary erectile dysfunction. Try to identify the key factors that could be causing your condition. Once you have identified the trigger, you can try these erectile dysfunction treatment options.

  • Exercise: Exercise is one of the most widely recommended sexual dysfunction treatments. It helps in releasing endorphins, which are key to a relaxed body.
  • Meditation: Mindfulness is becoming a rare faculty in the modern world. Meditation could be key to unwinding and destressing after a hectic day. Since sexual conditions are often triggered by stress or psychological burdens, positive visualisations and meditation can be effective in erectile dysfunction treatment.
  • Healthy Diet: A well-balanced, nutritious diet is critical to mental and physical health. Eating unhealthy, high-calorie, sugary fried food can affect your cardiovascular health. This could hinder the release of Nitric Oxide in the body and can cause temporary erectile dysfunction.
  • Quitting Drinking/ Smoking: Even if you are not a heavy drinker or smoker, these substances could negatively impact your sexual health. Hence, it wouldn’t hurt to try quitting alcohol or smoking to see if your condition improves.

Conclusion: When to Consult a doctor?

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Our article lists the various causes and temporary erectile dysfunction treatment options. However, if you feel the condition negatively impacts your day-to-day life and psychological well-being, it is advisable to consult a doctor. While being aware of one’s condition and possible remedies is important, only a medical professional can effectively diagnose an erectile dysfunction disorder and provide the proper course of treatment.