The Art Of Spicing It Up For Guys

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The Art Of Spicing It Up For Guys

Picture James Bond. The suave wardrobe, chiseled body, thick British accent, and confidence - These are the 4 elements that come to mind and many guys as moviegoers admire about him apart from all those amazing action sequences. And that is the perception of a “gentleman” in the eyes of many guys who look up to him as a chick magnet. But even James Bond needs more than just quirky one-liners to be a force to be reckoned with inside the bedroom.

In this piece, we’ll go through how women can spice things up inside their bedroom for their men, while also not having to change their demeanor or personality, to keep things in the comfort zone.

  1. Role Playing

Now, there are many ways in which this term can be interpreted. We’d like to describe roleplaying as simply realizing your fantasies, and making them come to life. Nothing embarrassing about it. Enter your bedroom with confidence and stagnant confidence, and realize the true potential of your fantasies. This will also play as a very stimulating surprise for your partner inside the bedroom, and keep your sex life adventurous and fresh!

Roleplaying has been one of the most effective ways to spice things up for guys, as it gives them a sense of freedom from the real-life for a while, and allows them to enter a new world. This sense of freedom is the most important factor that spices it up for both the parties, and keeps things fresh inside the bedroom…or the washroom...or the kitchen...or wherever your roleplay takes you!

2. Master the Art of Giving

Now, hold your imagination with that heading everyone. We are not talking about that...yet!

We are not implying that you spend a fortune on it, but occasional gifts that can help in awakening the desires of your man can put things into motion and can definitely lead to some hot and spicy times inside the bedroom. Put a whip or a pair of blindfolds, or if you’re feeling too adventurous, handcuffs, on the bed, and as soon as your man comes home from a busy day of work, ask him to see what’s waiting for him.

Now that we have explored the clean version of the “art of giving”, let’s ramp things up. It is also a very helpful element when it comes to actually give inside the bedroom. We’re talking about oral. It should be a give and take territory, in which you shall receive if you shall give. This keeps things mutually spiced up. And occasionally, putting in some extra passion while doing it can drive your man crazy!

3. Utilize the Power of an Adrenaline Rush

You don’t even have to be inside the bedroom to spice things up there. Sometimes, it is a thrill of an adventure that can just awaken the deepest desires in men and women that can show when the time is right. As researched and proved, adrenaline is a very effective aphrodisiac, which can boost the sex drive of men. Moreover, it can hype men up in a positive manner if the rush is used correctly.

Paragliding, bungee jumping, or even getting intimate in a public place can be thrilling for men, and can be a very thrill-inducing experience, and can help in eradicating the dry spell or “vanilla” routine out of your sex life. Remember the example of James bond here. What does that guy do after a big action scene? Go to a pub to drink some scotch and sleep? Probably the intention. But the Bond girl comes in to take advantage of the fact that Bond is riled up, and the next thing you know, they’re having some spicy times wherever they are!

4. Toys are Not Just for Kids

Yes, toys. Grown-up toys. Go for some adult toys shopping every once in a while to keep things interesting inside the bedroom. If you’re not comfortable with it, you can even do it online where you don’t have to visit an establishment.

Toy shopping doesn’t always need to be about kinks. It can also be very simple like soft SFM toys like blindfolds, lubes, and handcuffs. However, you can also go into hardcore territory based on what your man likes. The ultimate goal here is to introduce a fresh element inside the bedroom so that it keeps things interesting and possibly kinkier to spice it up for men. Top, bottom, versatile, all positions count!

How Spicy is Too Spicy?

Well, the answer to this question can change based on person to person. To identify what your partner is comfortable with and what he’s not comfortable with, it is always a good idea to explore the option you have in mind via adult films first. It is a common activity amongst couples to watch adult films together. You can use this to your advantage by checking what your man is into. This can help you in figuring out how far you can go in the above-mentioned points to keep things spicy in the bedroom without the danger of being burned.


Spicing things up for boys can be an easy or a tough task, based on how frequent your sexual activities are. However, one thing is for sure - It is an art, and it requires intrinsic attention in order to paint on a canvas to make it an exhibition piece for your man!