What Is Sex Depression?

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What Is Sex Depression?

Have you been experiencing bouts of depression after sex? If you think this is an unusual occurrence, you are not alone. Many people across all genders and age groups can suffer from sex depression, but most of it goes unaddressed due to the element of taboo attached to the subject. Now you can easily consult the best sexologist doctors online with the help of mojocare.

Sex is connected to the release of dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin, a heady mix of hormonal cocktail which can make you feel at the top of the world. Achieving an orgasm is said to make your skin glow with post-coital pleasure and peace. Your brain is said to function better with regular sex, and an individual’s mood can be elevated after a good lovemaking session with their significant other.

If these pieces of information are scientifically backed up, it must apply to everyone, right?

The answer is no because several people feel the exact opposite of the information described above. Drained, lethargic, withdrawn, and sadness are common symptoms when observed for a prolonged time that can be used to diagnose sex depression. There are some forms of sex that can leave you feeling worse than before, so it is not your fault that you feel low and want to be left alone.

Mentioned below are the kinds of sex that can be the underlying reason for your depression post-coitus.

  1. Sex where you don’t feel cared for: Lovemaking can be a wonderful experience when done with the right partner. If you’re in a situation where you don’t feel cared for by an absent-minded or selfish partner, this can cause you to feel “used” which may lead to depression.
  2. Sex, when you are not in the mood but feel obligated: Consent, is a solid yes, but the problem is many say yes when they want to say no. When you indulge in sex out of duty or obligation, you don’t come up as a full participant in the act and this can hurt you emotionally. Depression is a sign that you need to voice out when you don’t feel it and want to stop.
  3. Sex where your boundaries are violated: Everyone has boundaries that vary during intimacy since the act is one of immense vulnerability and trust towards each other. However, if your boundaries get ignored and violated even after stating it several times,  feelings of anger and depression take over as long as you put up with it.

If you have experienced even one of these, there are several measures you can take to help yourself. Sex is s territory that has still many undiscovered grey areas and boundaries where the lines could get blurred. Seek help from a mental health professional to navigate through these waters so that the depression can be addressed. While reading articles for help may give you some insight to pinpoint what may be the cause or put a name to your experience, they are no cure. We advise you to reach a mental health professional if you’re faced with sex depression; Mojocare is a platform where you can find a great consultant to help your sexual life be a liberating experience by addressing the psychological and physiological aspects of it.