What Makes Your Man Go On And On And On

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What Makes Your Man Go On And On And On

Women adore men who put in thought and effort to come in early on a date or arrive early to pick them up. It goes on to show that they respect you and your time. Expectations, however, are completely different when things move to the bedroom. There you wish dearly for him to take any amount of time and “come” late. There is nothing wrong with that.

It is a well-known fact, often talked about in hushed tones in both men and women circles, that men reach their destination sooner than women in the sack, leaving them unsatisfied. This could lead to resentment and tension between you two and can have a long-term effect on your love life. But this is not something to lose your sleepover.

You can either ask him to help you reach the pinnacle by some other means, or you could take the reins in your hand and help improve your  men’s endurance in bed. Here is how you can do it.

1. Ask him to slow down

Biologically, men are hardwired to finish up one task and move onto another one. This peculiar habit is what they carry with them to the bed as well. The key here is to take deep breaths and bring down your speed. Get him to engage in more playful foreplay activities. Sit face to face with each other when pleasuring yourself. This will help in reducing the time gap between both your orgasms. When he is inside, tell him to not act like a jackhammer and savor the moment. Often a little bit more time is enough to resolve the situation.

2. Suggest pelvic floor exercises

So much time and effort gets invested in getting those bulging biceps that chances are he never paid attention to exercising his pelvic floor muscles. Get him to include “Kegels exercises” into his workout routine. A few months of working on the pelvic floor muscles can considerably increase. The best part is you can work those muscles too, along with him, to experience better orgasms.

3. Change positions

For most men, there is one specific position that makes them release early. Talk to your partner and try avoiding that position early on. Take charge and mix up things. Choose positions where they can relax, such as:

Side By Side

The Cross

Modified Doggy Style

Woman On Top


Sitting In A Chair

Do some experimentation to find out what best suits your partner and you. At times breaking the routine can work wonders for your sex life.

4. Stop them at the edge

Commonly known as “edging,” it is a technique where you ask your partner to stop and cool down when you feel that they are nearing their edge. Doing this regularly trains their body to push the “edge” a bit further every time, giving you both extra time to enjoy the act. To make it even more interesting, you can turn this into a game of statue wherein one has to freeze up, stopping all activity.

5. Bring in the toys

Ask men what women want, and they will always give some vanilla answers. Sometimes getting kinkier in bed is the need of the hour (wish it could last that long). You can ask him to stop in the middle of the act and have him use a vibrator on you or make him use his hands. Another wonderful toy to have by your bedside during the act is a penis ring. It is slid down to the base of an erected penis, where it helps extend the ejaculation period by restricting the blood flow.

6. Meditate regularly

Meditating regularly is not just good for your mental health, but it also improves your sexual health. When you practice meditation, you learn to control your breathing, and you become more mindful about your existence. These two techniques can add many more minutes to your man’s routine. Practicing meditation together can bring you closer on an emotional level, thereby helping you form a stronger bond.

7. Train them to focus on you

Sadly that is seldom the case. It takes a lot of effort and time to get a man to understand his partner’s needs and focus on them. Tell your man about things that you like in bed, and you would want him to do. Guide him through your body to make him understand that sex is more than just penetration (if only). It’s a tiresome process, but once done, it can spice up your sex life while adding the time you always desired.

Talk to your partner about the situation. It will help reduce anxiety and performance pressure. Treat sex as an adventure, and find out the best points about each other. This will not only make the act more pleasurable but also help him last longer in bed.