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Better digestion and metabolism
Sustainable weight loss
Healthier Lifestyle
The vegetarian dietary supplement includes super-antioxidant ingredients which do not contain preservatives, corn, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten.
The formula includes a potent combination of nutrients high in antioxidants - Japanese knotweed which is an excellent source of resveratrol.
Grape seed extract which is derived from the ground up seeds of red wine grapes.

Regular dietary supplementation with antioxidants has been shown to have a great potential in enhancing the immune system.
It’s a well-documented fact that oxidative stress can diminish the immune response.
Resveratrol regulates immunity by interfering with immune cell regulation and proinflammatory cytokines’ synthesis.

The natural antioxidant combination possess polyphenolic compounds with anti-inflammatory properties.
Dietary intake of polyphenols is believed to protect against reactive oxygen species that delay or reduce the onset of age-related neurodegenerative diseases. therapy to cardiovascular medication.
Switch to low fat dairy products. Eat more unrefined fruits & vegetables.
Avoid excess intake of salt, processed and fried food.
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Why Us?
We offer more than just weight loss supplements and provide holistic care for your metabolism with personlized nutrition advice by experts paired with tailored exercise plans for sustainable weight loss.
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What to expect?
1st month
More energy and better digestion. Reduced cravings and hunger-pangs during mid meals. You feel less tired and have more energy throughout the day.
2nd month
Enhanced mood and focus as your metabolism start to get better. Your weight starts to reduce and you feel brisk and energized throughout the day.
3rd month
Your body starts falling into the right strength-to-weight ratio and you should be very close to your weight goals. Leading to long term immunity, strength and most importantly reduced risk of heart diseases.
82% of our users taking the Healthy Heart reported significant weight loss and improved metabolism and fitness after 3 months.
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