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MOJO Dandruff Control Advanced
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Healthy scalp
Comprehensive Hair care
Reduced Dandruff
The difference between washing away dandruff and treating dandruff is about the right ingredients.
Our ‘Advanced Dandruff Control’ package is made with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents that wash, as well as prevent recurring dandruff.
A 4 step oil, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner regime.
MOJO Dandruff Control Advanced 2 Months
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What to expect?
1st month
Visibly cleaner scalp from the first wash. More manageable frizz-free hair that is smooth to touch. Cool soothing effect on the scalp after oiling and moisturized texture after serum. No recurrence of dandruff and squeaky clean feeling.
2nd month
Reduced hair-fall, and healthier scalp, free from dandruff. Improved texture with the goodness of Aloe Vera and other conditioning ingredients. Your hair is strong and less prone to breakage.
3rd month
Improved nutrition and immunity with supplements, healthier scalp with regular conditioning. Dandruff no more, and reduced hair-fall. ‘Strong and smooth’ hair becomes your new normal. Healthy lifestyle and supplements that sustain your overall health.
82% of our users taking the package reported clean hair from first wash and no recurrence of dandruff. Hair is stronger, shinier, and thicker after 3 months of usage.
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