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MOJO Weight Management Plus PCOS
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One in five Indian women suffers from PCOS in India and it could be easily managed if treated early on. Mojocare Weight Management Plus PCOS has natural herbs that aid hormonal balance and regularise periods. Regular usage boosts metabolism and aids weight management; controls unwanted facial hair growth and acne. Our packages don’t just offer weight loss supplements but also provide lifestyle and diet charts, exercises, qualified doctor consultations for complete and personal care.
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Why Us?
We offer more than just weight loss supplements and provide holistic care for your metabolism with personlized nutrition advice by experts paired with tailored exercise plans for sustainable weight loss.
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What to expect?
1st month
You can expect to have more ease and comfort around your periods, with fewer cramps. More stable menstruation with controlled bleeding.
2nd month
Signs of consistency in your periods and flow, your hormonal balance starts to fall in place. You feel light and more energetic and even signs of reduced hair loss can be seen in some cases.
3rd month
You could start seeing weight loss, and better metabolism. After 3rd month you could feel fit and your menstrual cycle is consistent and way more manageable. Overall improvement in hair and skin.
82% of our users taking the package reported significant weight loss and improved metabolism and fitness after 3 months.
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